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Pechilly Investigative

Welcome To Pechilly Investigative

Pechilly Service Investigative Monitoring Company (PSIMC) we investigate everything that is suspicious in the country, we investigate all funds which is allocated to all Ministries, Local Governments and States

What We Represent

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Core Values of Pechilly Investigative Department:-
Integrity based on Professionalism in Investigation.

  • Impartiality
  • Accuracy
  • Truth
  • Balance and Objectivity
  • Credibility
  • Social Responsibility
  • Sensitivity
  • National Interest in terms of bringing out the truth‚Äč
  • Commitment to World peace and Development of good government

Everything You Need To Know About Pechilly Inestigative

Pechilly Limited is a registered company under Corporation Affairs Commission CAC; with the RC Number: 1532170 Pechilly Investigative Department, is a department inside the company; it is a Private Investigative detective Journalism and Service Inspectorate Monitoring Company. We Investigate, matters such as: -
Government Funds,
Criminal Matters,
Land Matters,
Rape case,
Social Media fraudsters,
Logistic Expenditure in Government.
Commissioners Works and Fund
Chairman of local government Salaries, work and Fund
House of state assembly Duties and responsibilities
Counselors Work and Funds

MORE ABOUT Pechilly Investigative Department 

It is a Private Investigative Department in Nigeria that will reduce the corruption of the top personnel in the country.
The Pechilly is a private Company that can put a stop to all corruption in the state, most especially in the fund stealing part of it.
The company Investigates from the roots both local and International crime.

Pechilly Company will work hand in hand with the appropriate law enforcement Security Agency in the Country to put an end to all crime, the Federal Republic of Nigeria in West African Nation Comprised of 36 states along with its Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The country have a large population of millions of people living in it [170 million and more are yet unborn] which makes it the most populous nation in Africa and the 7th most populous in the world. Nigeria economy is emerging quickly, largely due to its well developed legal and financial service sector.
We write petition against any Governor whose not doing the right thing in the state.

(PID) mission is to make sure we investigate every aspect of crime offense in the country also to build the State, country and the Whole World, making sure our environments are secured. We are to deliver every investigative copy document to the law enforcement team, which shows ethically compelling value driven communication services and other services across the world of media with our investigative platform

How We Work

Pechilly Investigative Department (PID) we are private investigators, we investigate everything that is suspicious in the country, we investigate all funds which is allocated to all Ministries, Local Governments and States, how

is been used and what is used for. We are Private Investigative detective Journalists and Service Inspectorate Monitoring Company.

Our restrictions / Unrestricting
In order to conduct private investigations in Nigeria, all private investigators must comply with local and federal laws such as:
Impersonate law enforcement.
Private investigators in Nigeria do not wear uniforms, carry a badge or say anything that might imply that the investigator is a police officer or federal agent.
Make an arrest.
They cannot legally make an arrest. If there is evidence that suggests, investigator should contact law enforcement team.
Wire tapping
It is illegal without a proper warrant. Private investigators cannot tap a phone.
We do not break into one private property without a proper investigation. Before we break into any property, there must be a proper investigation.
Rape Case
We investigate rape cases and send them to the law enforcement team to decide to fate.



Pechilly Investigative

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