Hon. Monday Nwokoye Kicks off with the Decongestion Exercise…

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By Karen James




Anambra State ministry of trade and commerce, commenced their decongestion exercise of road side traders in the market.

Hon. Monday Nwokoye,head of the Market decongestion team told pechilly investigators that the authority and mandate given to him by the government under the ministry of trade and commerce is to decongest the roads within and around markets vicinities for easy flow of traffic but with caution and recourse in handling petty market women that displays wares on the road sides. He also said that his team is mandated to work with ASMATA and market union chairmen for effective and thorough decongestion exercise.

However, Hon. Nwokoye named areas to be decongested especially within and around Onitsha Main Market vicinities comprising of Kano/Okwei street access road, Johnson/young complex access road, Sokoto road, Niger street road, Bright road, other areas includes the Ose and Ochanja Market access roads etc.

This decongestion exercise is very important to traders and road users also since it will get rid of criminality and revenue losses accurable to the government by the activities of illegal revenue collectors that allocates road side portions to unsuspecting traders and market women at a very high cost to the highest bidder while neglecting the government policies on illegal revenue collection.

Hon.Nwokoye added that this exercise will definitely put the illegal revenue collectors activities to abrupt end as his team will put them out of business for good and any one caught in the act of revenue racketeering will be handed over to the police for prosecution in the law court.

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He lamented that road side trading within the market vicinities causes heavy obstruction along the road as road users and motorist finds it difficult to navigate the access roads to the market.


In a related development, Pechilly investigators visited Onitsha Main Market Chairman Hon. Kenneth Onyeka (Kenbigger) at his office,he gave support to the exercise as he equally complained bitterly that the road side traders were constituting nuisance along the market roads as they obstructs the road recklessly without remorse to what their actions is doing to other people.

While commending the choice of state government in choosing a seasoned person Hon .Nwokoye to handle the job perfectly,

” I have no doubt that this exercise will benefit all, traders, visitors ,motorist and customers alike because they will make sure that every road side trader vacate the road and enter inside the market where there are still vacant shops inside the market.

Also,the chairman of ASMATA Task force Hon. Ifeanyi Odikpo said that he will join hands and decongest the road side traders and expecially those who erected shops on the drainage system causing drainage blockage and flood diversion, this exercise will definitely clear any bottleneck associated with road side trading

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