I am the best candidate to win Anambra for PDP. —- Dr. Obiora Okonkwor(Dikeora)

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By Karen James (Nnewi)


Dr. Obiora Okonkwo on Monday, March 1,2021 declared his intention to run for the Anambra governorship election come November 6th,2021 under the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) platform.

Speaking in front of party faithfuls and ardent supporters at the party Secretariat in Awka the state capital , Dr. Obiora Okonkwor told the gathering that the party had been out of power for close to 16 years now but this is the time to take back the state from the ruling party (APGA), he urged the PDP members to support the right candidate that is capable of winning the November 6th, 2021 Anambra governorship election for the party.

Dr.Okonkwor told party supporters at the event ” there are a lot of qualified people seeking the PDP ticket for the election, but what PDP needs now is not good candidate,or better candidate. PDP needs the best of the best and that is why I’m offering myself for the job.”

He continued,”we are not in the race because we have godfather, but because we have father God. I promise to make PDP win this election, if given the flag of the party to run for the governorship election come November 6th.

I’m very qualified, very ready and very confident of wining the election for PDP, and that is what PDP needs now,” Dr.Obiora added.

Stressing his abilities, Dr Okonkwor said “I am not telling you we will win, but how we will win because its going to be a landslide victory. I am very qualified to run on the ticket of PDP. The people you have been seeing are ‘I will’ people. You need a man who has the capacity to win, a man who has been a thorough party man. I have been a PDP member for years, and since I joined, I have been here eversince.”

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“I know one thing , I am the best candidate to win Anambra governorship election for PDP, who ever other parties like APGA, APC others puts forward as their candidate, we will defeat them in a landslide.” He added.



However, Chief Ndubuisi Nwobu Anambra state PDP chairman praised Okonkwo for his efforts in ensuring that the party is run smoothly through rent payment of the secretariat for many years running and donation of buses to the party


Other dignitaries that grace the occasion are Anambra house of Assembly members, women pressure groups , friends and well wishers .

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